Crescent Birth Services

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Quotes "When my wife and I made the decision to hire a doula I thought that it was overkill. We had taken childbirth classes, thumbed through several books, had a midwife in the family and a dedicated team of midwives and nurses to help us through childbirth. I could not have been more wrong. After seeing my wife's strength during that time I will never doubt her abilities and rush to hyperbole that "she couldn't have done it without Jessica or me," but I do know that Jessica was the key component that allowed me to stay present and support my wife through a very arduous labor. I also believe that Jessica's presence, advice, touch and emotional support was the key to leading my wife to find the strength and endurance she needed to fight through complete exhaustion to bring our healthy son into this world naturally as she intended. Jessica was a rock of compassion and confidence for both my wife and me as we navigated through the fear, exhaustion and unknown of a first labor." Quotes
Partner and Father

Quotes "My husband and I found this class integral to our preparation for the birth of our son. Not only did we feel prepared for the birth regarding pain management strategies, we also had an idea of what to expect the first few weeks following. Because of this class we went to the hospital empowered and educated about our preferences" Quotes
Class Participant